Friday, 11 January 2008

My first skirt

Here are some photos of the first skirt I've made. The pattern is from the 'Sew U' book by Wendy Mullins, and the fabric is some remnants from Dunelm Mill (I think it's meant to be for curtains!)

Here's a front view, with my vest pulled down.

And here's the back view.

I've worn this skirt a few times already, and I like the fit because (different to most of the clothes you can buy) the waistband is actually on my waist! On the day I wore it to work, one of my colleuagues asked if it was from Monsoon - I was very very chuffed with that comment!

This skirt includes my first attempt at a zip too. It works but could look a bit better...

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Ffion said...

Love it love it! Da iawn, Ffion xxx