Thursday, 13 December 2007

Oh no!

I won't be able to do any sewing for the next few days (hopefully not weeks!) because my self employed translation company is getting busy!
I promise to be back as soon as I can with some more stories from my adventures in the world of stitches.

Some of my cross stitches...

As I mentioned in my first post, I have been cross stitching for years. Here are some of the pieces I have around the house at the moment.

This is one (above) I made for a Young Farmers' competition, and it's based on the legend of the Welsh patron of lovers St Dwynwen. As you can possibly tell, it's a lovespoon which is another Welsh tradition. Luckily my dining room has a blue colour scheme, so this sampler fits right in!

This (above) is a kit I saw in the shop, and just had to buy! It's up in my kitchen and it was really easy to make. I'm lucky to have a fantastic cross stitch shop nearby (The Nimble Thimble in Llangedwyn) where they also frame the finished pieces.

Finally, for now, here is what I'm currently working on. From the date you can see that I've been working on it for a little while! I didn't start it until 2004 though!! Anyway, all I have left to do is finish the back stitch and then I look forward to giving it to my Auntie Winnie.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

My Christmas Top!

Have I mentioned how much I like the Burdastyle website? There are so many lovely patterns to download, for free! Another one of the 'very easy' patterns (like the Jane pyjamas below) is the Ellinor (8516) blouse, and this is what I've made for my second project.

I found the fabric in Textile Express in Oswestry (which is a fab shop if you like fabric or anything to do with sewing), and had a brainwave - why don't I make a Christmassy top to wear on Christmas day?? Yes I do know I'm crazy.

Above is the rear view and below is another look at the front. It's a tunic with an empire line gather under the bust. I love the sleeves and their shape at the wrist. In the pattern there's meant to be a ribbon or trim around the neckline, down either side of the slit and then it hangs loose down the front. It didn't quite work out like that for me (stupid ribbon!) and I've therefore added a press stud to change the opening at the front to a slit.


Well, I promised better photos of my pyjamas, and here they are:

Above is a headless me wearing the pyjamas. This is the second go at the vest. I think I may use the first attempt as a duster, or perhaps keep it as 'it's the first piece of clothing I ever made'. Can you tell I'm a bit of a hoarder? The pattern is a free download from the Burdastyle website, called Jane (7997B).

Ok, above is the 'rear view' of the pyjamas. Not much more to say about that really. If you look really closely you can see that I had to shorten the straps by looping them - I shouldn't really be drawing attention to flaws should I?!

Above is my 'da-dah' pose - hmmm, won't give up to day job for modelling. Anyway, as you can tell, I'm really proud of these pyjamas, I mean, I actually made them! Let's see what happens next in my adventure in the land of sewing...

Friday, 7 December 2007

It was a proud moment...

...when I finished these pyjamas! These are the first items of clothing I have made for myself. The pattern is from the Burdastyle website, which has some really nice free patterns to download. The fabric is from Dunelm Mill and it's 100% cotton poplin. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed making this! I enjoyed it so much I made the vest twice! The first one I made was without any sort of markings so the elastic under the bust wasn't exactly in the right place. A trip to the shops to get some disappearing ink pens resulted in a much better vest!

Please forgive the dirty mirror in the pictures, I'll post some better pictures as soon as I can.


Croeso ( = Welcome)
I've been enjoying cross stitch for a number of years (ever since my Dad bought me a kit in RKM wools in Oswestry when I was 8. It was a duck and I can remember sitting in the chair next to the Bosky (poor man's Aga) and stitching it). The sense of accomplishment stayed with me and I've made many many pieces of cross stitch since then. Some I've kept, some I've given away. Some I've finished, some I haven't!
Those of you who know my Mam know that she is a fantastic dressmaker. I recently wanted to find out whether I had inherited any of her talents in this field. Armed with her old sewing machine and a bag of scraps I went on my mission. Do you know what? I love it and it's addictive! I don't think I'm very good but I'm going to carry on.
Through this blog I'm going to share with you some of the things I've made and all of the things I'm going to make. I might write a bit as well...
...this was only meant to be a short introduction!
Tara for now