Wednesday, 16 July 2008

My beautiful red jacket!

Between January and May 2008 I attended a weekly sewing course at Llangollen arranged by Yale College, Wrexham. The teacher was lovely and absolutely brilliant. She reminded me of my mum in her way of showing how to do things, so I felt right at home. The other people in the class were all lovely too - some of them were new like me and some have been going to the class for years.

Anyway, my mum and I decided before I went it would be a good idea to choose a project to make at the class, and I chose this pattern:

The gold jacket on the left, that is. I chose it because I needed a new spring/summer jacket and I absolutely loved the fluted sleeves. I bought some red corduroy fabric (because I love red) and some really cute strawberry print cotton for the lining.

This way the most complicated item I'd undertaken, by a long way, but with the help I got at the sewing class I was able to complete it and I love it! Here are some photos taken along the way:

Here's the jacket on a hanger before I put the sleeves on. This is when all the separate pieces came together and I started to realise I was actually making a real item of clothing! I don't think you can see in this photo but there is some gathering on both sides of the front (sort of on the bust line) and at the back. I must admit that I found this gathering quite a challenge (but much easier with the cotton I used for th linig!) but I'm so please with the finished effect.

Here's a close up of the lining - isn't it cute? I also used an overlocker for the first time with this project - we overlocked the seam between the corduroy and the lining along the inside of the jacket front openings (does that make sense?!). I really want an overlocker now - it looks so professional.

And finally, here's a photo of me wearing the jacket. I couldn't find any buttons I liked so I got some big self cover ones from Dunelm Mill and covered them in the corduroy. Another unique touch I added is the the underside of the collar is in the lining fabric not the corduroy.

I've already worn this jacket loads, and to start with I was a bit worried people would think it looked 'home made' but people have actually asked me where I bought it from! Just need to get some 'Pwythau Pengwern' labels now to sew onto the collar!

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Ffion said...

I love the jacket! I've made a jacket with a contrasting print lining, and it makes all the difference. Da iawn!