Thursday, 13 December 2007

Some of my cross stitches...

As I mentioned in my first post, I have been cross stitching for years. Here are some of the pieces I have around the house at the moment.

This is one (above) I made for a Young Farmers' competition, and it's based on the legend of the Welsh patron of lovers St Dwynwen. As you can possibly tell, it's a lovespoon which is another Welsh tradition. Luckily my dining room has a blue colour scheme, so this sampler fits right in!

This (above) is a kit I saw in the shop, and just had to buy! It's up in my kitchen and it was really easy to make. I'm lucky to have a fantastic cross stitch shop nearby (The Nimble Thimble in Llangedwyn) where they also frame the finished pieces.

Finally, for now, here is what I'm currently working on. From the date you can see that I've been working on it for a little while! I didn't start it until 2004 though!! Anyway, all I have left to do is finish the back stitch and then I look forward to giving it to my Auntie Winnie.

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