Friday, 7 December 2007


Croeso ( = Welcome)
I've been enjoying cross stitch for a number of years (ever since my Dad bought me a kit in RKM wools in Oswestry when I was 8. It was a duck and I can remember sitting in the chair next to the Bosky (poor man's Aga) and stitching it). The sense of accomplishment stayed with me and I've made many many pieces of cross stitch since then. Some I've kept, some I've given away. Some I've finished, some I haven't!
Those of you who know my Mam know that she is a fantastic dressmaker. I recently wanted to find out whether I had inherited any of her talents in this field. Armed with her old sewing machine and a bag of scraps I went on my mission. Do you know what? I love it and it's addictive! I don't think I'm very good but I'm going to carry on.
Through this blog I'm going to share with you some of the things I've made and all of the things I'm going to make. I might write a bit as well...
...this was only meant to be a short introduction!
Tara for now

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